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Lawrence D Nevin

Contact: Larry@ldnevinpipeorgans.com


Larry was raised in East Hanover, New Jersey. His mother played the piano and church organ, influencing his musical intellect. His father, a church deacon, fostered an ethical and simple lifestyle; the foundation upon which Larry interacts personally and professionally. It was while attending a pipe organ concert with his high school class at the Philharmonic Music Hall, NYC, that Larry realized his calling to a career in the pipe organ field. Here, he was able to integrate his love for music, his mechanical knowledge, and his gifted sensitivity to the intricacies of sound, into the art of pipe organ building, restoration, voicing and tonal finishing.

Shortly after high school graduation he apprenticed with Kenneth Smith Pipe Organ Service, of Livingston, NJ. Realizing his talent and interest in voicing and tonal finishing, he progressed to the Aeolian Skinner Organ Company of Boston, MA to begin training. There he assisted Don Gillett with tonal finishing in shop, but was quickly promoted to on-site installations at churches such as the Trinity, Wall Street, and St. Bartholomew Church in New York City, and the Cathedral of Christ the King in Kalamzoo, Michigan. Working to expand his tonal repertoire, he returned to New Jersey to continue his voicing and tonal design training with the Hartman – Beaty Company of Englewood. In 1977, he founded Lawrence D. Nevin and Associates in Brattleboro, VT, the home of the historic Estey Pipe Organ Company.  To date he has built or refurbished 22 pipe organs, voiced or tonally finished over 30 and maintains over 35 organs in the north east.

Larry’s 30 years of experience has proven his dedication and expertise. He is recognized for his ability to voice both flues and reeds and to develop a tonal experience that is meticulously crafted, delivering an instrument with lofty tonal integrity.



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