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"When we first sought a builder to rebuild our very old organ, we knew it had to be someone who could work wonders with the old pipework, as well as provide new components.  Larry Nevin was the perfect choice; he essentially built a new organ, revoicing pipework that was salvageable, and rebuilding windchests when they fit into the overall plan.   Our budget restraints, our tight pipe chambers, and our extremely difficult acoustic provided some real challenges which Larry addressed effectively.  We love our new instrument.  Just ask any member of our congregation!"

-Stewart Holmes, Director of Music

"Please Know what a pleasure it has been meeting and doing business with you. I can't wait to pull out all the stops!"

- Perry Martin Heidt, Organist

"...I just can't get enough! The more I play it, the more I like it. I've heard many positive comments and feel we've designed/built an instrument of which we can be proud... You are a true craftsmen and artist... I look forward to recommending you to many churches in the future."

- Drew Kreismer, Organist

"...The work you did is marvelous. Randy has used the Posaune frequently since and says it is now an excellent ensemble reed. We are intrigued about your ideas on the Cymbel III on the Swell..."

- Bill Smith

"A million dollars worth of sound."  

 - Rev. Dr. J. Richard Szeremany


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